Myra Kornfeld  

Recipe Editing

Head Chef and Content Manager of MyFoodMyHealth (

Myra has tested and tweaked contributions from 30 chefs. She developed recipes for the site, and continues to write an article for the monthly newsletter.

MyFoodMyHealth is a website that focuses on the healing power of food. Whether you’re a diabetic cooking for one, or a parent cooking for family members with conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure or celiac disease, Myfoodmyhealth website can help you in your menu planning, and can teach you how to make nourishing meals that everyone at your table can share and enjoy.

Myra Kornfeld, Caroline Nation, Kathie Swift
Myra Kornfeld, Caroline Nation (founder)
and Kathie Swift (nutrition consultant)
Photo: Marla Meritzer
MyFoodMyHealth offers:
1 Delicious meal plans tailored to suit your health conditions and those of your family members.
2 Memorable recipes from renowned chefs and nutritionists based on simple, whole, natural ingredients.
3 Educational videos, articles, cooking and nutritional tips.
4 Health and nutritional information for specific health conditions.

Available for professional recipe editing. Contact for rates.

Recipe Writing

Myra can interpret and tweak your recipes, alter them if necessary, and articulate and format them so that they are clear and easy to follow.

Contact for rates.

Menu Consulting

Menu Editor, Mana Restaurant, 92nd Street & Amsterdam, New York City
Myra worked with the owner to develop an exciting tea and beverage menu.
Mana menuMana menu page 2
Each tea is served in an individual teapot, brewed perfectly every time.

Available for menu consultations. Contact for rates.

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