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Cooking Parties/Events in Myra's Kitchen

Event photo 1 Whether it's a birthday party, shower, anniversary, or corporate team- building party, Myra's kitchen provides a warm, inviting, intimate setting. You'll have a wonderfully memorable evening or day of entertainment and dining.

Your event begins with wine and appetizers, ready when you arrive.

Next, you and your group will cook the entire meal from the menu Myra has designed especially for you. You could then sit down, relax, dine, drink, and converse with your group. The staff plates and serves the creations you have prepared.

Ingredients are of the highest quality, including organic eggs, dairy, and animal protein. Everything is supplied: aprons, knives, music system, photographs, you name it. Myra's kitchen can accommodate up to 18 people for a hands-on cooking party. When everyone cooks at once, the entire meal is prepared in 1 1/2 hours. The venue is yours for the evening, and you go home with a recipe packet of the dishes that you have cooked.

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Our corporate event with Myra was an absolute success!!! We loved her interaction and the amazing recipes which I continue to make. At the end of the event we took a group photo with her that still hangs in our office walls.
-- Mirela Gegprifti, Alpinvest Partners

December Birthday Party

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