Myra Kornfeld  

Specialty Cooking

Health Conditions
Myra has experience cooking for people who have candida, are lactose intolerant, and are gluten-free. She can tailor food to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Catering Small Events (Onsite or Myra's Kitchen)

Onsite Catering - Have a small event or party at your location, and Myra will take care of the cooking and planning.

Myra's Kitchen Catering - Want to host an intimate soiree but don't have a location? Myra's Kitchen and party space can be your venue for the night. Myra will cater the event - as if it were at your own personal restaurant.

Cooking Party at Your Location
Whether it's a birthday party, shower, anniversary or any reason to celebrate, Myra will orchestrate the cooking party, come to your location and run the event. Your guests will have a wonderfully memorable experience.

You and your guests will cook the entire meal from the chosen menu that Myra has designed for you. The cooking part of the event will last about 1 1/2 hours and include everything from appetizers to desserts. You then sit down, relax with your guests, and enjoy what you have created.


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